Field to be Mandatory upon Closing while CTA creation

  • 11 November 2020
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Hi Team,


Cutomer has set mandatory fields upon close under the CTA Type. The issue we are seeing is if the CTA is created manually and the status is put into Closed during the creation process it doesn't generate the error message that these fields are required.




8 replies

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@abhi1289 Is this happening with new UI or the Old one?

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I was been told that this was never implemented so irrespective of new/old we can see this

@abhi1289  Can you please let us know why the user would like to close the CTA even before it is created? What is the use case here?

I can speak to this one becaue we have this same issue.  There are some activities that we need recorded for reporting purposes but have already been complete when the CSPM creates the CTA.  Rather than creating the CTA and closing in two steps they mark it closed at the time it was created.  I’ve been told in that circumstance Close Mandatory will not work.  

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@tracyhigginsyoung Did you ever find a solution to this? We’ve recently discovered the same issue and it seems to be a bug IMO.

Unfortunately no solution on our end.  


I referenced wrong ticket… can’t figure out how to delete this comment.

We created a report for the closed CTAs that have missing data and ask the CSPMs to update.