Google Big Query Connector Improvements

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First off, it was great to see more data designer like functionality being put into this connector.  Hopefully one day we will just have one tool to pull data in and transform it.  

While we really like the new transform capability in this connector, it would be great to have more of the data designer like capability.  This includes doing group by, previews, and numeric expression derived fields.   

Are there plans to continue to enhance this connector with more of this capability?


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Hey John , 
Yes we are continuously working towards improving the connectors , and you should hear soon on new updates. 

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@john.cowles .. We are improving connectors and a few things which we have done in last release are : 

  • Data Preview : This is currently available for Hubspot but BigQuery and all connectors will also have this feature soon.
  • Data download from execution logs : You can see all the data which is extracted and then loaded into Gainsight with this.


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That is great to hear more features are coming.  Thanks for the update.  When you say “GigQuery”, I assume you mean “BigQuery”.  

Is there a target timeframe we will see the “BigQuery” improvements?  Not sure what “soon” means in your previous comment. Thanks.  

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@john.cowles .. Just corrected it back to BigQuery.. we are targeting it by Oct End ( Q3 Release ) 

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To add to @john.cowles request, the ability to set the number of decimal places in the transform case statement would be greatly appreciated.  Currently I am getting 1 decimal place on any numeric field case statement output with no ability to change to 0 decimal places.