How do you upload data from Tableau into Gainsight S3 bucket? Need some ideas.

  • 26 June 2019
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Customer data resides in Tableau. They need to import this data into S3. Where does one start?

Any ideas or what you have seen working in past.


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5 replies


We have the same issue - has anyone found a resolution for this?

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Tableau has a lot of data ingest options, but exports usually need some additional help. Its really obvious why Tableau focuses on Data Ingest - because it needs data to be an effective BI. Tableau can export data as csv’s manually on demand. We can place them in S3 and use them 
For the automatic feed, some of Tableau’s customers were able to set up some FTP export data feeds from Tableau. This can work with S3, which supports FTP data feeds. I am posting one such solution I found online.  cc: @kunal_bhat 

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Hi @meenal_shukla. It will depend on what version of Tableau they are using. There’s Tableau Desktop which is the version individual users can download to their computers or Tableau Server and Tableau Online which are both in the cloud. Server is typically for enterprises who want to share and control access of a group of users. 


In any version of Tableau, a user can export a table to CSV manually. And they can of course manually upload it to the S3 bucket. But that is manual and would be only good for single use. Here is some information on how to manually export

If they are looking to automate this on Tableau Server which is most generally the use case I have seen, they can use Tabcmd to automate the export. Here are some how to steps. This will allow them to setup an export schedule but will save the file to whatever computer they are using. They can then use another utility to load ​​​​the file to the S3 bucket. Here is one example of a tool they can use. 


Hope this helps!

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Thanks, @jean.nairon !

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You’re welcome @meenal_shukla!!