How to create a rule that generates a CTA when there is No Timeline Activity in Last 30 days

  • 24 March 2020
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Hello Gainsight Admin Community!

A common use case we encounter with customers is how to trigger a CTA for accounts that haven’t had a Timeline Activity in the last 30 days.This post will help you with a step by step guide to create a rule for the same.Configure these simple 6 steps and your rule is ready to schedule!


This rule helps to trigger CTA if there is No Timeline Activity in the last 30 days or if there is No Timeline Activity at all for any accounts.


To start building your rule, navigate to Administration -> Rules Engine -> +Rule




Fetch all the account details having activities in the last 30 days. You’ll want to ensure you have included the Account ID (SFDC or GSID depending on your Gainsight version). 

The key step here is to take the MAX of  “Activity Date”. This will give you the most recent activity date. You may also want to filter for only specific timeline activities (Call, meeting, etc), depending on your use case.



Fetch all the Active Accounts from Company Object along with CSM Name. (Incase if the CTA is not intended for CSM them Instead of CSM Name you can pull the user ID for whom the CTA needs to be generated)



Now that you have the most recent activity account and all of your active customers, you’ll want to merge the datasets. We recommend performing a left merge of ‘Fetch from Company” (on left) with “Fetch from Activity Timeline” (on right). Such that all the accounts which have no activity entries at all in the timeline will also get pulled.



STEP 5 :

Add a transform task to Merge and filter out Customers that don’t have any activity or recent activity in the last 30 days.

Include a criteria of where the SFDC ID of Activity Timeline is NULL (This is the result of left join in merge task)  - All such accounts should have a CTA for no recent activities.



You did it! Hopefully your rule now looks like something like this.




 Now you’re ready to create the action. Set up the create CTA action on “Fetching accounts with No timeline activity in last 30 days” (Transform task ) by including all the necessary fields - CSM ID, priority etc





We always suggest that you test run the rule first to ensure the number of CTAs won’t be overwhelming for your team. If everything looks good, you can schedule the rule. We recommend running this rule daily.


-- This gives you the main fundamental idea of how to perform the task and You can customise the rule as per your requirement.

For Example - You can tweak the rule by changing the timeframe to 40 days, adding customer segments in the criteria of Step 2 or Step 3 accordingly.

Hope this post is helpful!

Happy Gainsighting :)

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@shivani Thanks for posting it here, this is really helpful!

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Thanks, @shivani  for posting it with all the details along with screenshots.