How to map CTAs to their linked object matching record automatically?

  • 14 June 2024
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Hi there,

Is it possible to automatically link custom object records to the matching CTA through a rule or the API? 

In my use case, I have a custom low volume object which contains upgrade plans for customers. There is one record per relationship, and the record has been pre-populated with data so CSx don’t have to populate information we already have elsewhere. It is also pre-populated with calculated data. 

I have also created one CTA per relationship, which has the low volume object in question associated to it. 

I want to be able to map each individual record in my upgrade plan low volume custom object, to the corresponding CTA so my users do not have to do the following: 

It seems to have to be manual because we can’t update or post anything apparently to the Associated Cockpit Records object and “Linked Object” GSID field. This gets populated once the manual linking has occurred. 

And it makes no sense.

Any ways to do this? 





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I might not be tracking your ask correctly here @alizee, however, where we have linked objects for CTAs we pass the GSID of the record we want to link in the CTA action setup.



That’s assuming the CTAs are being created automatically by rule, and the rule would also need to contain the matching logic between relationship and your customer status object, ie for each record you want to create a CTA for, you’d want the Customer Status GSID as a field in the dataset you build your rule action from.


It’s not possible to update a linked object / record GSID from rule (no option for linked objects on update CTA).


The API support docs on Update CTA suggests it is possible to update Linked Objects for existing CTAs, I’d guess line 31 is referring to the GSID of the record in the linked object as the there is already ‘objectName’ as an identifier for the linked object.



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Hi @Stuart  Thanks a lot.

For the first option - I tried it but it didn’t work out for me: no field was mappable in the V6 EOL object :’( and I’ve been around this for a long while to no avail. 

For the API - I’ll try that out to see how it works out and if it does, then awesome. 

Thanks for the tips! I’ll report back when I’ve experimented further :). 


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I am still unable to do it with the CTA creation rule, but the API - now that it is set up - has worked wonders so I’m all set.