Is it possible to include "mailto:" in hyperlink for email address in CTA comments?

  • 6 December 2017
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Not sure if I'm just running into a bug, but I've created a rule-driven CTA that includes a tokened email address in the comments section. The hyperlinked email address that displays in the comments section, however, does not seem to include 'mailto:' in the href. Instead of opening my email client to compose a new email, addressed to the email that is linked, the link directs me to a web page of the email domain. (e.g. will direct to the web page, instead of creating a new email addressed to

I've tried to get around this by simply prefacing the tokened email with [i]mailto: so that it read mailto:${Owner ID Email}, but that didn't seem to do the trick. 

Is it possible to include "mailto:" in the hyperlink for an email address in CTA comments section?

8 replies

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Hi Pele,

As of now this is not possible in our Product. But its a great suggestion.

Will discuss internally within the team and see the best ways to incorporate this.


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Thanks Hitesh! 

Pretty minor in the overall scheme of things. The link just behaved differently than I had anticipated it would. 


I just ran into the same problem.  We would like to be able to include "mailto" links in our playbook tasks.  The use case is if the CSM needs to email an internal team for assistance on a particular topic.
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Would love to hear more about the business use case behind this request!

We have the ability to send an email directly via a CTA (the feature is called Email Assist) and I'm curious if this feature would solve for the intended use case. 
Thanks for the suggestion, Dan!

I suppose that we could add an email template to the task (or add a task to the playbook, if the task already has an email template), but this feels a bit cumbersome for the CSM. 

There is the benefit of the email then being logged as an activity, but the cons to me are:

1. They would have to copy and paste the email address into the "To:" field on the template.

2. It's quite a few clicks to send the email.

3. These would generally be blank email templates because it's a contact for whatever random question they might have, so there's not really a benefit to using a template.

4. No signature on the email template, so they have to do even more clicking or typing to complete the email than if they sent the email from Outlook.

5. It might be confusing for them to have to look for a separate task with information about how to ask for help (though probably they'd get used to it if we always put that as the last task).
Slightly off topic, but mailto: doesn't always work in CoPilot either. Really any spot where you want to put in an email address would be great.
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Thanks, Dan! Not sure how I missed you're question about the use case here, but our's is pretty similar to Amanda's. 

Really just wanted to include an easy, lightweight way for CSMs to reach out to internal team members where a playbook and email template wasn't needed and didn't log an entry to Timeline. (we're currently logging email assist emails to Timeline)

More particularly, for one of our products, we have an onboarding team that is separate from our CSMs. We have project records in Salesforce for each onboarding project, and wanted to setup a CTA for our CSMs to reach out to the project owner if there was missing data on the project record. 

It's easy enough for our CSMs to open up Outlook, or Slack a project owner, but I was just trying to eliminate clicks and make the task slightly easier.  
This would be uber helpful. Our engagements would ideally allow us to generate leads from the engagements, so "get help" (sends email to our experts), "submit support issue" (sends email which gets converted to ticket), 'contact sales, request upgrade (sends email to sales). I'm surprised that putting mailto in the code doesn't work.