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  • 19 May 2021
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Hi Admins!

Would you be interested in learning how to track each link exactly when there are multiple links in the email sent? If yes, go through the below content to crack it.


Example: Below is the renewal email that we are sending to the customers with three options to select from:




As you could see in the screenshot, if a user selects option3 the CSM has to reach out to the customer, regarding the renewal discussion.


So after sending the above email, we need to exactly track which link did the user click out of the three links and if the user had clicked the third link, the CTA has to be triggered to the respective CSM to reach out their customer for renewal discussion.. 


Right now, in JO conditional wait we only have flexibility to track whether

  1.  The customer has opened the email

  2. Clicked any link after opening the email




But we do not have information about exactly which link is clicked when there are multiple links in the same email template. This is the same even though enabled the tracking for three of the links separately.

First link:


Second link:



Third Link:



To overcome this or to be able to track the links exactly I have used the below solution and wanted to share with you all, it might help you when you come across a similar use case.


Solution: Workaround is to use the calculated field to check which link did the user click. This information will be available in the email Raw event object. Filtering on the “Event type= Click” gives the information about all the clicks and “Clicked Url” field gives  that information.

Here is the report that shows the clicked Url field and participant email(marked in Green)

Report source object: Email Raw Events



Bringing in this information into calculated fields in the the “Calculated fields'  section in the JO program will let us track the url correctly and take further actions(Created CTA when the third link is clicked in my use case). 



Below is the calculated field configuration:




Now, I can use it in the conditional wait.


Finally, the JO flow looks like this:



Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions.

9 replies

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This is great! Thanks for posting.

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This is definitely handy!  Thanks for putting it all together!

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@Jyothsna this is great! Could we get a category for these tips and tricks? I realize there’s the ‘admin tutorials’ tag, but it isn’t really a product idea. It would just be nice to have a space where these could live more natively, just a thought @sai_ram 

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@Jyothsna thank you for sharing the content here!

@bradley thanks for your inputs, I too like the idea. I will definitely think on this idea.

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How did I miss this? Thanks for the write-up @Jyothsna !

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Hi @Jyothsna 

Can you please re-upload the screenshots? I am trying to build something similar for my use case and this surely will be very handy for others as well.


CC: @anirbandutta 

SAME - please re-upload screenshots - I’ve been desparate to get this to work in my org and the screenshots will be clutch to make it work. Thank you!

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Something has corrupted the screenshots and cannot be retrieved.

So open invite to anyone who understands what @jyotsna describes here and create a new guide/video?

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Hi Everyone,

Below are the step by step process if you want to track multiple links in JO email and define your Outreach based on the URL interaction of the Recipient.

  1. You need to enable link tracking for all the links which you want to be tracked in Email Template.
  2. Configure the Jo program and fetch all the participants everything will remain same for step 1,2, and 3 in Jo Participant Configuration. 
  3. Now we have to create a calculate field, We are creating a calculated field to fetch the data set in realtime for the specific link the recipient is clicking.We will use Email Raw Events Object to fetch all the details of URL clicked per recipient. Below is the screenshot of what data is stored in Email raw events object and as you can see we have details of what URL was clicked by whom so will leverage this dataset for our calculated field creation.
    Here is the Link if you want to know more about email raw events object

Calculated Field configs.
Below is the Screenshot of Calculated fields Configs.

  1. In Above screenshot I am filtering it down to one particular link to know from all the links that the recipient had clicked was this URL part of that so I can send the next email based on the calculated field if it is satisfied or not, If you are going to config it for multiple different links you don’t have to configure this particular filter.
  2. We are using the Recipient email address of JO program= email address from Email Raw events object to track the flow for every individual recipient.
  3. In the third filter we are filtering it down for one particular JO program, Batch ID will store JO program ID in the Object.
    Filter: Batch ID(from Email Raw events object)= JO Program ID
    You can use the below Screenshot on how to find the JO program ID
  4. Once we are done with the Calculated field Configs We need to use this calculated field in Conditional wait of our JO program.

    In the Above Screenshot the first Send email step will send the email with all the URL’s in it, then the Program will wait for sometime and it will go for the Conditional wait step where it will check whether the individual recipient have clicked the particular URL or not. If the URL is clicked the Recipient will recieve another email which will be related to the URL they have clicked to make our JO program more interactive.

  5. Conditional Wait:
    In the Conditional wait I have used the existing Calculated field and we are checking if that holds the value for one particular link that we wanted the user should click. So here we will be using the specific URL with the Equal condition to our Calculated field.

    So when the recipient clicked on that particular URL the data will get stored in Email raw events object, Once it gets created in the object our Calculated field will load the particular data based on our config above. And then will be using the data present in our Calculated field in conditional wait.

    Hope this will Help!! If you have any question feel free to post them in this thread!