Learning more about Gainsight NXT in SFDC app

  • 26 January 2022
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What can folks share about using Gainsight NXT in SFDC app as opposed to using Gainsight NXT (on its own)? We are heavy SFDC users so I think there could be a lot of value from using Gainsight NXT in SFDC, but I’m not finding much support documentation on the differences and value proposition for making the shift.

Do you have users that use both? Is it best practice to advise them to use either the NXT in SFDC or NXT on its own? My fear is that we’ll build things because of the capabilities in Gainsight NXT in SFDC but then users using the regular Gainsight NXT won’t see them

1 reply

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Hey @sarahmiracle . I haven’t really used NXT by itself so keep this with a grain of salt, as maybe you can do this already. But a few things come to mind, in no particular order:


  • Easily* able to ingest and/or expose SFDC data into NXT (*comparatively speaking)
  • Related to the above, actioning off said data probably becomes a bit easier
  • Team View - this allows you to embed sort of a Gainsight widget on things like the SFDC Account and Opportunity Pages so folks can ‘be in salesforce’ but still see Gainsight data on an account page, if they have appropriate access
  • If you provision Gainsight licenses based on Salesforce data/permissions, this can be slightly more streamlined than I would imagine standalone NXT would be
  • Linked Objects - not sure how it would work with standalone NXT, but you can essentially create and/or update Salesforce records from CTAs
  • You can have people gain access to Gainsight by signing into Salesforce and using that as the authentication tool for Gainsight. This also makes going between both platforms more seamless.