Looking for some insights into how people are using Google Analytics with Gainsight

  • 28 September 2020
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We use Google Analytics for our high level product analytics and had this set up to come into Gainsight. It stopped working some time back and I understand that there were some wider issues with Google that Gainsight we’re working on (that are still in progress).


Was looking to see from the community how other people are using Google Analytics with Gainsight and what insights and tips etc they could share.


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Hi @jnoble100

I haven’t setup GA to GS before but curious how you did it. Do you have an Account ID in Google that allowed you map the analytics data to companies in Gainsight? If you track which company the data can be attributed to in Google Analytics, you could load it to the C360. 

I would expect a typical use case to include CSMs wanting to see number of users, page views, clicks, etc. Google Analytics can track a lot of noise though and your product development will need to setup events and tags to properly track the key actions in your app. Here’s some more info on this:

If you are looking to build an events framework to track in you system, I would recommend looking at what outcomes you are trying to drive across your customer base. For example, logins may be a good vanity metric but it won’t tell you how many times your customer achieved an outcome you are promoting. For example, if you’re Facebook, you will want to track how many post, likes, replies people get. I’m probably speaking to the choir on this stuff but I think it’s more important to focus on the right events than just tracking things. 

Hope this helps you on your GA/GS quest!


Thanks @jean.nairon - that is how we have it set up and using Adoption Explorer to bring the data into GS. I’m still not up to speed really on how Adoption Explorer works properly with GA and what the different projects etc are that I need to set up and use - that’s my biggest challenge.

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Hi @jnoble100. You can use projects to map to your properties in GA. For example, f you have different GA properties for your different products, I would use different projects for each one. 

Once you know which data you want to bring in, there are a lot of additional items to define. For example:

  • Do you want to load weekly or daily data
  • Are you tracking data at the company or instance level in GA that you want to tie to the GS company or relationship objects?
  • How are your GA fields going to be mapped to GS?
  • How often do you want the data to be refreshed?

These are just a few questions that come immediately to mind. I would recommend spending a bit of time first figuring out what you plan to do with the data. Are you looking to drive journeys or playbooks off of this data or just present it in the C360? How you want to use the data will help infer what you will need to technically setup. I’m sure I’m speaking to the choir here, but start with your business needs first, then technical requirements, then configuration steps. 

There’s a lot here and I would strongly recommend first focusing on your requirements before you get to building. I find data connections to be pretty challenging to work through if you don’t have a predefined plan first. If you want, I’d be more than happy to help you architect this over the phone or Zoom. 



That’s really helpful, thanks @jean.nairon. Would love to jump on a Zoom call with you if you can. I’m London (UK) based. What’s your email and I’ll drop you a line?

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Sure. I’ll message you directly.

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@jean.nairon did you get a chance to connect with @jnoble100?

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Yes - we did. We had a great chat a few months back. Thanks for following up @sai_ram 


Hi @jean.nairon, we’ve got Google Analytics now set up with our Gainsight instance for our product web portal. Would love to catch-up again if you able to and see what else we could do. One of the challenges we have is that our Google Analytics for our mobile product, uses GA4 and this doesn’t have “views” which are needed for the Gainsight integration.