More Control over Scorecard Measures on the Usage Data Object

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There is very little control the end-user has over how Scorecard Measures are created and display on the Usage Data object. For example, we can't control through the Admin UI if a Scorecard Measure is available for display in the Usage Graph or change any of it's field names after it's created.

It's particularly troublesome if a Scorecard Measure name is similar to the name of an actual Usage Measure. There's no way to distinguish between the two in the Rules Engine and it is a common pitfall.

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Yes. This is an issue for me too.  I'm surprised it has not yet been addressed.
Thanks for the feedback here. We are making significant changes to our scorecards now and definitely intend to addres this paint point. Will keep everyone posted.
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I recently started going through all of the unanswered or unresolved problems and questions here. Was checking to see if this  has been resolved or if it is an ongoing issue/question?