NXT Sandbox Management - Best Practices from Support

  • 8 February 2022
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So I have been getting quite a few requests in the past month or so regarding how to setup and maintain a Gainsight NXT sandbox and I have noticed that the associated documentation is rather lacking. One thing that isn’t discussed at all is that you do NOT have to refresh the gainsight sandbox if you do a SFDC refresh. If you have a bunch of assets in your current Gainsight sandbox tenant I suggest performing a “tenant repoint” where you refresh your SFDC sandbox and then log into your NXT sandbox tenant and simply reauthorize the SFDC connection (it will connect to the newly refreshed org id). 

 Anyway, here’s a rough draft of accumulated best practices hopefully they’re helpful:

  • Hit “Add Sandbox” --> this kicks off a Prod -> SB tenant copy
  • Whoever kicks off this job will be the only user who can directly access the new NXT SB tenant initially
  • Once you access the SB tenant directly, you need to go into Administration/Connectors 2.0/ Salesforce Connector and edit the connection details --> it will show a prod connection the first time you access this. Change it to a Sandbox connection and add in the custom login url that would be used to a log into the sandbox directly.
  • Authorize the revised sandbox connection
  • Open a new admin tab, go to the Rules Engine --> rule settings; this is where you find the oAuth user and timestamp info
  • Go back to connectors, hit the three vertical dots on the salesforce connector; you should see something like” Link Salesforce to Gainsight” --> press that and go back to the rules setting tab -- you should see an updated oauth timestamp
  • There is also a way to repoint an existing gainsight sandbox to a newly refreshed SFDC sandbox... all you do is Deauthorize the current sfdc connection in the sandbox and update the connection details, then authorize. Then hit “unlink Gainsight from Salesforce” then “Link gainsight to salesforce” (i.e. unlink/link.... these options are both available via the three vertical dots on the sfdc connector tab”
  • The Unlink/Link options basically bounce (break/create) the oauth connection between SFDC and Gainsight. 

4 replies

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Hi Dan, 

Thanks for this post. Does the sandbox come prepared for testing JO programs out of the box? Specifically, Is it possible to send email without having to set-up DNS servers, etc.? I am having an issue where my participants are failing at the first email with a “Unable to sent email at step Send Email” error and I am not sure why. Thanks!

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Hey Jesus,

Outbound email is disabled by default in sandboxes, and I have confirmed that the Tenant setting that governs this : Global Email Setting is currently set to false in the TR-LegalTracker sandbox. 

Here’s what I recommend:

  • Send a ticket to Support (CC Myranda, your Support POC)
  • 3 bulletpoints:
    • Tenant ID
    • Tenant Name
    • What you want enabled: “Please enable Global_Email_Setting in the TR LegalTracker sandbox AND reduce Daily_Email_Limit from 100000 to 100”
  • The second setting I mentioned is a critical safety net - even if you goof up on something in a program it caps the daily outbound send count at 100
  • If you want to discuss this on the side, feel free to email me: dwiegert@gainsight.com
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Fantastic! Thank you for the quick reply. I will create the support ticket as you have suggested. Thanks again.

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I updated your ticket pointing Myranda to this thread. One other thing to mention - I recommend you create a few Email Log v2 based send count widgets in your sandbox and put them on a dashboard. This was one of the first things I did when I took over managing Gainsight’s own JO instance, and they really help you monitor sandbox send activity.