People Maps Feedback: Rule Scheduling Limitations + "Person" Object Email Requirement

  • 17 September 2019
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We recently started utilizing People Maps and are super excited about it, though there are a few things I'm hoping to get some feedback/advice on:

  • Delay in updating/adding contacts in Salesforce to create new records in the Person object:

    • Currently, we have a rule set up to pull in new/updated contacts from Salesforce into the Person object
    • We have it running at the highest frequency according to the Rule Scheduling documentation, which is every 2 hours
    • This is fine for most rules, but it becomes problematic when we're trying to update or add contacts into Salesforce so that we can use them immediately in People Maps or to map Timeline entries to a specific contact
    • Main ask: Is there any possibility for rule scheduling to be expanded beyond the current 2 hour limitation? I'm also open to any ideas on how to overcome this limiation in the short-run!
  • People Maps requires a contact to exist in Person object, which requires "Email" as an identifier:
    • For the purpose of People Maps specifcially, having Email be a required field in the Person object will likely prove to be a blocker for us to get the full value out of the feature
    • Context: We have contacts in Salesforce for which we don't yet have emails (e.g. people we've only heard of or spoken to on a call) but that we want to include in the People Map as we build out the org chart for a given account
    • This is becomes an issue when we have created the contact in Salesforce without an email because it means that they won't get pulled into the Person object and won't be available in People Maps
    • Main ask: For People Maps specifically, it would be helpful to be able to use "Placeholder" cards or to generally be able to use custom/"blank" cards that aren't necessarily tied to a Person record -- so that we are at least able to build out and fully visualize an account's org chart, even with limited access to the emails of people in that org

Thanks in advance for any assistance with this!

4 replies

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@iloukanova - thanks for the great feedback and for using People maps!

@kunal_bhat I'm sure you'll be interested in checking out this feedback.


Thanks for the feedback!

1. If you want to pull in Contacts from the Salesforce Contacts object, you could use the Salesforce Connector which allows for an hourly sync.

Currently the process of upgrading customers from GSConnect to the Salesforce connector is ongoing, if an hourly sync works for you, we can get you upgraded on priority. Here's some documentation on the Salesforce connector and what it means to upgrade from the existing GSConnect to the Salesforce Connector.

2. We are working on allowing creation of People records with any identfier as chosen by the admin, this means Email will no longer be mandatory! We currently expect this functionality to be available with our November release.

Allowing addition of placeholder cards is already in our roadmap, I don't have an expected release date yet but I'll keep this thread updated on that!

@kunal_bhat Thanks for providing a timeline on #2, I'll look out for those updates in the coming months! And also thank you for the solution you provided on #1, we will look into the Salesforce Connector and see if it fits our needs.

I also received some additional questions from my team on the functionality of the People Map tool in general:

  1. They are wondering if there are any plans on the current roadmap to allow for customization of the NPS and/or Last Activity Date fields (labeled numbers 1 and 2 in the below image)?

    We would like to have some additional options such as "Role" or "Title" available in there, as NPS is not as relevant to us for most of the customers we are building out People Maps for. Allowing for a dropdown or picklist choice of which fields can populate on the actual card would be the ideal.

  2. Additionally, we are having some trouble with the Export function. It's not working at all for some people on the team (as in, nothing happens when they click on it). But even when it does work for others, it seems to only export the currently highlighted card as an image.

    It would be useful to be given the choice to export it as an image or a pdf, and also to default to exporting the entire chart on the screen, while still keeping the option of narrowing it down to a few selected cards available.

Thanks again for taking this feedback into account and please let me know if you need any clarification on my end!


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Hello, would like to know if there is still a plan to remove the requirement around contact/email.


We have a use case where our CSM knows some higher level people they want to add into People Maps. While they could guess at the email, that really isn’t appropriate. However, by adding the person to the Map and they can then build the relationship that gives them the email.