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  • 7 September 2017
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Right now in the mass scorecard edit view, you have to go to the chart options and toggle comments on in order to show them in the table. This is pretty annoying since we use comments all the time, and anytime you leave or refresh the page, you have to redo this setting. Can we get an option to keep comments on as a default setting?

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This. I'd LOVE to see this happen. I'm in Scorecard every day tracking my accounts and having to toggle this setting constantly gets real old real fast. 
Would love to see this available, or at least an option for an admin to choose to show comments by default for users. 

From the fall release, the admin can choose the default status of the show comments settings (i.e while saving the "Mass Edit View" report if the comments are on then they would be on in the dashboard as well)

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One more thing here, is it possible to move the comments sections around, or are they automatically always going to show up to the right of the score? And are the scores always going to be pushed to the right of the report (after all the other attributes that appear)?
Hi Spener,

In the Mass Edit Report, the comment corresponding to a measure shows up to the right of the score. How might you want to move the comments around? (because each measure will have its own comment). 

Yes, currently the scores will be pushed to the right of the report.
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Hi All, We have good news for all the Scorecard users! We are releasing an amazing feature called Scorecards-Timeline integration, with this most of the Scorecard comments issues will be solved.We have done Scorecards-Timeline integration and now we maintain a history of comments for each scorecard measure. With this, you can see the scorecard comments related information like when and who gave the scorecard comment.

  • Multiple customers asking to change the size of the scorecard comments box, with this enhancement the sizing issue will be fixed.

  • You can create a Timeline Activity for a Measure or the Overall score.

  • When you create a Timeline Activity from Scorecard, the current score of the Measure or Overall score is also captured.  

  • Timeline Activities in Scorecard can be created either from the C360/R360 or Mass Edit report pages and from a Rule.

This will be available in the upcoming release! cheers everyone !!!


Hello Everyone!

Happy to announce that your request has been considered and included as part of v6.8 release(Nov).

We are replacing the comments box with a timeline-like activity feed. The following are the benefits of upgrading to this feature:

  • Retains a history of activities against a measure.
  • Allows the use of rich text formatting.
  • Users can @mention colleagues in comments.
  • Users can start comment threads.
  • Displays manual updates in the company/relationship Timeline.
  • Provides clear visuals in reporting.

You can find the relevant information in our v6.8 Release Notes. This feature is implemented in both SFDC & NXT versions.


Thanks for posting!