Special permissions needed for new MDA Calculated Field (formula) feature?

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I was eager to try out the calculated field/formula feature in MDA that was just released, but for some reason when I create a Number field on an object in my sandbox, the Calculated Field appears but it is not selectable and I cannot click Create Formula.

Anyone else encounter this or just me?

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Hey Jeff, if you go back and save the object, then return to the field you want to be calculated -- you should be able to create the calculation.

This happened to me, too. I believe what is happening is before the object is saved, it doesn't have enough (i.e. 2) saved numeric fields to create a calculated field.
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Thanks Connor that did it.  I guess I stupidly thought I could pull a field in from a joined object.

Much appreciated!!
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That's not a stupid requirement at all, Jeff! :)