View Hierarchy Link on C360

  • 3 August 2015
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Is it possible to have a View Hierarchy Link on the C360 page? My AMs are requesting this.

We are trying to keep the AMs on the C360 page, and this is a reason they go back to the Account Page.

8 replies

We've been discussing this with Gainsight as well. For us, the "flatness" of Gainsight is an issue for our CS team that works with the larger, more complex accounts. I am going to post a separate item to address that larger issue - curious if that impacts other companies and how they workaround it.
JD, did you ever post a separate question regarding this issue? If so was it resolved and could you post the link to this one? Just trying to clean everything up a little and get these unresolved issues resolved.


That has not been resolved, although we have been working with the product team on various methods to address the issue
Thanks JD. I am going to set this question to answered and use that post you had as the main focus for this question.
Evan - my original question/Idea for a View Hierarchy Link on C360 is still a requirement. We use the Salesforce hierarchy to define a specific relationship between multiple accounts for our Customers. That cannot be replaced with Gainsight Relationships.

Please set this to Unanswered.


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Hi Kristin,

We are releasing a new 360 widget/section this month that you can use to get this hierarchy view within Gainsight, with automatic roll-ups based on the fields you choose to add to the layout. It's a lot more than what you get in the standard view.

Hope this helps!
Manu -

Love the new Account Hierarchy feature on C360. I just configured it and it looks great. One question - how are the Accounts sorted? Seems they should be alphabetical within a hierarchy level.
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Glad you liked it, Kristin!  We are exploring making sorting available in each column, which is obviously not straightforward, but makes sense to at least default to alphabetical in the meantime. Will let you know as soon as the enhancement is available.