Why can't we view closed CTA's under "All Users" view in cockpit?

I'm curious as to why we can't see closed CTA's when looking at "All Users" in cockpit and only when we drill down to a specific user.

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CJ, A few things about the Cockpit Tab in Gainsight. First, the cockpit will display up to 1,000 open CTA's and 100 Closed CTA's. One mistake we see users make a lot is that they try to use the visual force filters on the page (i.e. sort by, group by, owner, etc.). What these filters are doing, is filtering through your 1000 (or in your case 100). If you click the filter icon, and actually apply those filters as hard filters on the page, you can bring in the specific set of CTA's that you want to view (up to the first 100 at least). If you are still over 100 I would try additional filters to try and narrow down into the viewable range. 

Can you try this and let me know if they are visible after this?
Hey Steve, Thanks for your input. I applied the filter as "Status includes Closed Success, Closed Risk, Close No Action", but It does not provide any results under "All Users" when I search for a specific client. Only when I drill down to the specific CSM does it show up and I know there aren't more than 100 results when it comes to this one client.
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CJ can you log this as a support ticket so someone from Gainsight support can give it a look?