Ability to associate timeline entry to Success Plan

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Our CS team monitors adoption, risk, ROI, etc. through Success Plans. It would be extremely helpful to their workflow to be able to associate Timeline Activities to a Success Plan (instead of just a CTA, Company, or Relationship), especially when creating a Timeline Activity from something like the GS Zoom App.

We can already associate a timeline entry to a success plan from the Gainsight platform itself by heading over to the timeline entry tab and creating the entry there (instead of from the normal timeline). 

I’m not familiar with the zoom app, but what type of entries does it create by default, and what’s the trigger?

I second you in that it would be helpful to be able to associate a timeline entry to success plans from plugins as well. I would add Gainsight Assist to the list you started, for emails (in that case) … 

But would these entries be the standard type of entries these plugins create, or would they need to become milestones? And in that case, could this not leverage automatic milestones?

You can currently add Activity Timeline entries linked to a Success Plan by adding those entries from within the Success Plan.

Adding these types of entries which originate anywhere other than the Success Plan UI (from the Zoom app, from the Gong integration or from Gainsight Assist, as examples) is more of a blocker.

It’s great that we can create Timeline entries via a CTA and (therefore the CTA is the source) or we can also create a Timeline entry and associate with the CTA. With some well craft reporting it’s possible to understand activity associated with a Playbook inititiative.

Ideally we would also have the ability to associate a Success Plan via the Timeline. Our discussions show that CSMs prefer to associate a record via the Timeline, rather than finding the Success Plan/CTA and then entering Timeline from that object

Currently the only objects we can link to are the four in the screengrab


I’d like to add on here. It would be very helpful if we could move plug-in generated timeline entries to the success plan timelines as well. The actions I am taking with my customers are often success plan focused and currently, I am not able to move a call or email that was brought in by gong or the bcc gmail feature to a success plan timeline - resulting in duplicative work and entries to tie my activities to the Success Plan.


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This would be very helpful.  Currently the team has to create a CTA to connect their entry to the Success plan which becomes cumbersome.  

Hello there! Actually, this is a MUST, as IMO (same from my partners using GS):


Every timeline entry part of any Objective/CTA, if this Objective is part of a parent Success Plan, ACTUALLY IS part of the timeline of that Success Plan


So, why not just show those timelines in the Success Plan timeline?


Please get this implemented :)

Please, …?