Gainsight PX Dashboards Rich Text Widget

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Gainsight PX dashboards are dense with data and graphs. With the ability to quickly overwhelm a user and need additional notes as to why we are looking at these items and tell the story of why they are important and how to read them.

The request is for text widgets within the dashboard, where the dashboard owner could place text on the dashboard.

We would use text next to a widget to outline what effort is being done to change the metric, what the starting value was when we started the effort and what the target is for that goal. Currently we are trying to tackle these other efforts outside of Gainsight, but then end up having to screenshot Gainsight to then evidence elsewhere the actual metrics. 

I would love to make Gainsight a better place to see the written effort and goal. A different enhancement request will be to have widgets that can be imbedded into other websites (like Confluence) so we can select single metrics to render as the metric out in our other places of work. 

+1, rich text widgets exist in CS and have the same value for PX dashboards, where this functionality is currently lacking. 

Somehow I didn’t see this idea when I posted mine 7 months, but they are the same: