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When posting topics in a KB and surfacing them in the Featured Topics widget (as part of the new KB landing page), the presentation seems odd to me.

Here’s an example:

As you can see in this example, the content displays the title of the article (or of the question/conversation), some of the initial text, the user icon, the date the content was published, the number of views, and the number of comments.

In my view, KB content works best when it communicates when it was last updated, not when it was published. And it makes little sense to display the number of comments when the article is not open to comments. So here’s some specific changes I’d like to suggest unique to content published in the knowledgebase

  • Where the content says 2 months ago this is the publish date, replace this with the date last updated. So if I made a change to this article today (which I did) it should display the date last updated. For example, it could read as “Updated today” (if today) or “Updated X days ago” if past that date

I’ve also suggested that we remove the comments bubble and count if the article is closed to comments I have added this as a separate idea here so vote on that too!

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Thanks @Scott Baldwin for this idea!

Hi @Scott Baldwin! I was reviewing this new idea from @mads (here below) and I realised that replacing the timestamp of article creation with the timestamp of “last updated” is feasible, but it cannot be restricted to only articles published in the Knowledge Base. It would be applied to all articles, regardless of the module they’re published in. For this reason, I’m thinking of merging the 2 ideas and keeping the more generic one. Any thoughts/concerns on this? Thank you both in advance! 


That sounds good to me @Cristina! Thank you!

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No concerns.

This would be a very useful feature and add benefit to knowledge base articles. Hopefully it’s something that can be implemented in the near future!

Hey @Cristina :wave:  Is there any update on the ability to add “last updated” functionality (or even to allow us to manually change the publish date)? 

We have a case where an article about a new feature was written by an outgoing employee a month ago and published in a non-public hidden category while we waited for the feature to be released. Now we’re releasing the feature this week and would like to change the date to the current date so it doesn’t look out of date. I can’t see a way to do this (although @xiaoyu-shen’s “publish on someone’s behalf” feature suggestion would solve for this, as we could simply create a new article, copying and pasting the original and posting in the person’s name.

Admittedly this particular use case is not a common one for us, but I can see the value in this functionality being made possible.



Hi @jimmytango78! I don’t have an update on this idea yet, but thank you for sharing your use case, it’s valuable insight.

I have enabled for your community the feature that is now in beta that allows you to create a product update or article on behalf of another user. I hope this helps! 

Thanks a lot @Cristina This feature will definitely help us solve this use case :blush:  On the surface it looks very useful and easy to use but if I encounter anything kooky with it I’ll let you know!

love this idea especially with out featured topics. Would like for the date to update when a new conversion or comment is made. So it looks active. 

@Cristina has this changed? in a quick investigation it looks like @Scott Baldwin ‘s original suggestion is live.

This topic is an example of it, as it was created 1 year ago but the card shows “6 months ago” which was the comment above


Hi @beneditacss! Nothing changed regarding this idea. 

Scott’s suggestion is around showing the last update or text edit made to the initial content piece. In the screenshot you highlighted the “6 months ago” is the timestamp of the last comment added to the thread, namely the hbailey1’s comment above, which was the last activity on the thread. Let me know if this explanation is not clear. 

@Cristina thanks for the quick clarification. Makes sense and that’s perfect because it is one of the things that is high on our wishlists :) 

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We’re just getting our community ready to launch and have thought of this as well. Some content is evergreen, but having a date that the user sees be 2+ years ago doesn’t inspire confidence in the data.

I’m in the process of creating an asset management process to review our Knowledge Base content so nothing is older than 12 months. The ability to review, confirm everything is still accurate, and update the date would be ideal.

cc: @woodlande @JPKelliher @Lake1211 

+1, this is very needed in our community aswell.