Limit the amount of votes users get

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Picture this: Your outspoken (sometimes confrontational and rude) community member is on Zoom with you bringing up an Idea. You let them know the best way to submit feature requests is to post an Idea. They then speak with your product manager and they let them know that they prioritize ideas based on the amount of votes they have. “Perfect”, your outspoken community member thinks. They create an idea just like you asked them to and they share the link with their 1M followers. They repeat this process several times until they have created dozens of ideas. Their followers have voted for ALL of the ideas your outspoken community member posted and now these ideas have hundreds of votes, completely shadowing every other idea by the community. Oh boy. Now a single member single-handedly controls your product roadmap.


The problem: Once your community has adopted Ideas, there is nothing stopping them from voting on ALL ideas. On top of that, if influential members choose to publicize their ideas, your Ideation strategy becomes a popularity contest, not a reflection of what your community needs. While the community votes are limitless, your product team’s resources are NOT.


The solution: Allow moderators to set a limit for the amount of votes a user type gets. The votes are replenished in “X” amount of time. 


What it looks like: Moderator A set user type “champion” to get 10 votes/month, user type “member” to get 2 votes/month, and user type “superuser” to get 8 votes/month.

Hi @security_lion, thanks for sharing. We also heard the concept of limiting votes before to help encourage users prioritise their votes.  :)

If the solution you mentioned is in place, the outspoken members might still share their ideas and ask their followers to vote along with their limited votes. Do you see it as a risk? How would you like to deal with it? 

I’d set this idea to ‘open’ and collect more votes and feedback. 

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@xiaoyu-shen Great question! I could see your scenario occurring as this is not a fail-safe. However, if members have a limited amount of votes, they now have to *think* about what they are using their vote on. This outspoken member could get some of their fans to vote on their idea, but there will be some members who think, “Well… my org really actually needs this other idea. I better save my vote for the idea we actually need”. 


To solve your question, I’d propose a separate idea. Something along the lines of an algorithm or machine learning that could pick up on connections between members, their network, and their ideas. You’d be able to tell if certain members are voting on the same ideas and take action as the moderator. Not always used for moderation, but even for cool opportunities like feedback sessions with PMs.

Has this been given any more thought? We are currently using Aha which has this functionality.  We are considering switching our Ideation frontend to Community, but this is a feature that our PM team loves.