The Slack integration doesn't have a preview

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I was expecting the Slack messages to have the format that can be seen in the screenshot here:



But what I see is just links to Gainsight:

How do I enable the full preview in Slack?

I should clarify that my engagement named “Feedback widget” is a Multi-Question Survey with one question.

Thank you!

Hi Peppe, the slack integration does not currently support the full response for multi-question. Definitely would make for a good enhancement. 

Feel free to also post as a community idea.

Hi All, I’ve converted this to a product idea. Feel free to upvote it!

Thanks. I will disable this integration as it’s not providing any value for us at this point.

Perhaps you can give us some guidance. Currently, we have a 1-question “multi-question” engagement that acts as a Feedback form in our webapp. It’s triggered when users click a specific button that we placed in the app, and mapped as a Feature in GainSight.

I could replace the multi-question engagement with an NPS engagement, but I don’t want the first step with the 0-10 scale, and I didn’t find a way to disable that step. Any advice?

@aroberts FYI