Admin Office Hours - 8/16/18

  • 14 August 2018
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This thread is for the Admin Office Hours session for Thursday August 16, 2018.  Submit your questions to this thread and we'll address them during our session at 11am PST / 12pm MST / 1pm CST / 2pm EST.

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7 replies

Hi there! I'm familiar with how to assign the Account Owner to be the default owner of a CTA. We recently added a new object to our renewal opportunities with a user reference field called "Onboarding Specialist." I'd love to learn how to assign the Onboarding Specialist to the Calls to Action.

Hello -- I setup a CSQL (CS Qualified Lead) rule so that when a CTA is created with type - opportunity, reason - CSQL then it would create an opportunity in SFDC. Christopher actually helped me with this several months ago (thank you!). I had some errors which I will be fixing (there were duplicate SFDC opps being created; see solution below), but I was wondering what the best way is to auto-update the CTA once the SFDC opportunity stages have progressed. For example:

Opportunity is auto-created at 10% probability. 

1. If opportunity is advanced to any stage other than closed/lost, then the CTA should be closed/success as this is a sales accepted CSQL

2. If opportunity is advanced immediately to closed/lost, then the CTA should be closed/no action as this is a sales rejected CSQL

(Just for context, below is the solution to my duplicate SFDC Opps issue)

if you rename the CTA or opportunity it will create a new opportunity. 

So instead of comparing the names, you can add a new field in opportunity to store the CTA id. While fetching, you can fetch only opportunities where this field is not null. 

Then when merging, you can merge on both account id as well as CTA id, retaining records from left data set. You can then proceed to create CTAs for the records where opportunity is null.

The easiest solution for this would be to configure Opportunity as a linked object for the CTA. If you enable bidirectional association, it would create a new field in CTA and Opportunity object to store each others ids.

Thank you,

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Hey Allison

This is 100% doable!  I'll show you and you'll be off an running with your new knowledge.
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I think we can do this.  Let's talk Thursday about a few questions, but I do agree that doing linked-objects may make this even easier (including solving the duplicates issue).

Even without the linked object in place, this should be manageable with a bionic query.
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Glad to see this series is back!  I have been saving up a few topics:

Embed c360 pages - when it works and when it doesn't, how to use

Person & org charts - demo if available


I have a couple of questions regarding CTA email notifications:

  • How can we generate a CTA email alert every time
    a CTA triggers?

  • How can we send the CTA email alert to anyone
    outside Gainsight/Salesforce?

  • How can we send the CTA email alert to other
    Gainsight users but not necessarily account managers?

Thank you in advance,


Hey Jasmine -- Did you end up configuring option 2 or 3? I need to do the same and would like to connect with you if possible! I don't think there's a way for me to DM you, so feel free to email me: Hope to hear from you!

Thanks in advance,