US Admin Office Hours - 7/30/19 - 1 p.m. PT

  • 29 July 2019
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Hi everyone, this thread is for our new second weekly Admin Office Hours session, which will be held Tuesday, July 30, 2019. Submit your questions to this thread and we'll address them during our session at 1pm PT / 2pm MT / 3pm CT / 4pm ET.

There is no need to register for the sessions. If you have a question, please post below or join the meeting. I will go in order of posts below or joining the session. Thanks!

Conference Details

You can also dial in using your phone.

United States: +1 (872) 240-3412

Access Code: 493-151-677

8 replies

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Hi Spencer,

First thing I'd like to do is double back on a question I had previously around Link Tracking for JO Links / Buttons through our Corporate firewall.

Secondly, I have a question around how the conditional waits are processed within JO programs. I'd like to hold a conditional wait that ends the outreach if a link is clicked, and sends a reminder email if a link is not clicked, but I can't seem to get my head around how it is working.

Thirdly, We are currently testing out JO functionality and standing up our programmed journey. Through testing we are using actual accounts but manipulating the emails to only be sent internally. Through testing, we had some participants that clicked the 'Unsubscribe' button and now can no longer receive the JO outreaches for testing (and potentially the account later when we go live). Is there a way to manually un-unsubscribe?


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We have a report on pageviews per quarter in which we would like to see only the last 8 quarters of data. Current, we are using date >= previous 2 CY. but depending on where we are in a year, we cen end-up showing up to 12 quarters.

Is there a way to fetch only the last 8 quarters of data, the last one being the current one?

I'll see you online!



Hi Spencer,

I'm still having trouble with setting the health scores for when data is unavailable.

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Thanks, Steven. Just created this post:


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Thanks for coming, Lyne. As mentioned, this would be a great idea for a Last N Quarters or Next N Quarters enhancement in our report builder.

Hi @spencer_engel - We just added Call API Action from Programs to Journey Orchestrator ( I read through this documentation and I’m still lost on how this will function and what we need to set up from an Admin perspective to ensure accurate functionality and target the fields we’re looking to target. Is this something you would be able to help out with during office hours tomorrow?

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Hello @cadaley -- This thread is actually from last year’s Thursday admin office hours - but I just posted the thread for tomorrow’s Admin Office Hours here:


It just so happens that I’m spending the first 20 minutes giving a general overview of JO - and then yes, we can look at your API call setup and we’ll either get your questions answered, or point you to the right place to do so (support, or elsewhere in our tech teams, etc.)

Can you re-post your question to the new thread when you have a chance to ensure that it’s in the queue?  thanks, and talk with you tomorrow!


I am trying to manually trigger a survey from a relationship and my survey isn’t coming through even though I mapped it in the email template.