How to avoid engagement fatigue 101

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Let’s be honest, no one likes constant pop-ups when they login to a web application. We’ve all had an experience when you are trying to get work done and all of a sudden you experience pop-up after pop-up. I think it is safe to say, this can severely impact user sentiment.


Do you have important information that you want to display to your users but don’t want to run the risk of engagement fatigue? Don’t worry, we have a solution for that!


The engagement throttling setting controls how often the engagement is displayed to the qualified users in your application. 


To configure the throttling settings:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Throttling.
  2. Turn ON the toggle switch in At least and At most sections.
  3. Set the time and number of engagements to be shown parameters.
  4. Click Save.


Now you may ask, “Julia, we have a lot of engagements that we want to display to our users. How can we use throttling but still make sure users can access our engagements?” 


Great question! Our recommendation would be to house your engagements in your KC Bot for users to access on an as needed basis. Check out this article on setting up your KC Bot within PX


Setting up a ‘Recommended Content’ section in your KC Bot  is a powerful way of engaging your audience without running the risk of engagement fatigue. You can create recommendations with a set of articles and engagements that are useful to the users or that they may be interested in.

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Timely post!  I had planned to investigate throttling today.

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If a how-to guide engagement is available only from the KC bot, and I have a survey engagement that is set to run 5 minutes after a user completes the how-to guide engagement, would the survey run when there is throttling? Would running the engagement from the KC bot mean that the user won’t see automatic engagements for 30 minutes (if we turn on throttling with that value)? Or is the throttling only between automatic engagements?


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Hi @mmarques! Accessing engagements from the KC Bot has no impact on throttling. Throttling only applies to automatic engagements. 


I hope this helps!


Hello! Our team is just getting into throttling and setting up a process for all the requests for a engagements. As far as settings go, if we set it to 24 hours, is that 24 business hours, 24 active in-product hours, or just 24 continuous hours?

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@jadkins.iiq 24 hours in throttling would be 24 continuous hours.

If the user is has seen an engagement today at 6pm, the user will be eligible to other engagement tomorrow after 6pm, if the engagement throttling is set for 24 hours.

Hope this answers your query.