What's next after PX? How and where can Customer Success teams use the information of PX?

  • 15 May 2019
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Furthermore, how does that data made available to the CS team and the leadership? Where and how will the data be ingested and used?


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That's a great question Meenal, thanks for bringing it up! I am sure there will be lots of CS+PX Customers who'd be curious to learn about the same. Given our CS Customers are very much familiar with the Periodic Table of Customer Success Elements arising from the Customer Success Maturity Curve, let me attempt to address how PX+CS is really #bettertogether.

1. Insights and Actions: Turning data into meaningful actions across your team involves following CS Elements working together with PX:

  • CS> Lifecycle Management --> better served with PX In-app Onboarding

  • CS> Customer Health --> encapsulates Product Usage data (feature adoption) from PX at a granular level

  • CS> Experience Management --> This leverages the very powerful PX In-App Engagements and Surveys

2. Outcomes: Proactively deliver customer outcomes at scale involves:

  • CS>Adoption Management --> PX allows for targetted In-App guidance to the right user at the right time

3. Transform: Rally your entire company around the mission of Customer Success

  • CS> Product Success --> PX readily provides data on granular feature adoption, user adoption, and feedback

All of this data captured in PX is made available to the CS Teams in Gainsight CS.

Hope this is helpful information, let me know what you think?