Fresh ILT Updates and Admin Insights for Gainsight Customer Education

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Fresh ILT Updates and Admin Insights for Gainsight Customer Education

Welcome to Gainsight Customer Education’s Product Updates debut—your go-to destination for key content about our latest feature releases and launches. 


Our Customer Education product gives you a powerful and scalable way to onboard and educate your customers. With built-in course authoring tools, analytics, advanced customization capabilities, and powerful integrations, you can deliver learning experiences that not only drive product and customer retention, but make your customer-facing teams more productive. 


And we’re excited to use this community to continue collecting feedback—from you!—influence our product and make it even easier to deliver digital customer education. 


We’re excited to use community to continue collecting feedback to influence the roadmap


Let’s dive into some new features and updates to Gainsight Customer Education!


New Feature: Learner Transcripts for Admins


Managing your learners just got easier and more streamlined. Introducing Learner Transcripts for Admins. 


With Learner Transcripts, you have a centralized and comprehensive summary of every learner’s engagement with your academy, including details around courses they’ve taken, completion dates, progress, and certifications. 

Not only will this make it easier for you to manage your learners and monitor their progress, but it’ll win you time back to focus on more high-value tasks that ensure your customers are happy, like success planning and proactive support. 


Want to learn more about admin transcripts? Check out this article.


Feature Update: Instructor-led Training (ILT)


We’ve made a handful of updates to instructor-led training (ILT) that aim to streamline your administrative process, including a refreshed UI to make it consistent with the rest of the Customer Education product. 



Additional updates:  


  • More data: You now have access to more insights into ILT engagement, including session count, next session, and status
  • Streamlined event creation experience: We’ve broken the creation process into steps, so you no longer have to enter all of the event’s details at once 
  • Delete events: You can now delete events


Want to learn more about ILTs? Check out this article.


Heads Up: Your Login Experience Has Changed


Your login experience looks a bit different. Here’s what you can expect: 


Instead of the legacy login screen where you’re prompted to enter your email address and password, you’ll see a simpler screen asking just for your email. 



When you enter your email address, our platform will direct you to the appropriate authentication flow based on your account.


Why did we do this? It’s our first step toward integrating Customer Education into the greater Gainsight universe, so you get the most seamless experience possible. And more changes are coming soon, including a new navigation and more intuitive ways to switch between your accounts and Gainsight products.


What do you think?


We’re always open to feedback, so let us know what you think in the comments! If you want to learn more about Gainsight Customer Education and best practices, the Share Industry Knowledge and Discuss Product Features forums are now open. 

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