6 reasons that I'm heading to Pulse this year in 2022!

  • 27 July 2022
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#1 - Your best team event EVER will happen here. Personally, I've hosted my annual team Customer Success event here year after year and it's a fantastic environment. The ORA of Customer Success will be so strong and powerful like the force, and your team bonding experience will absolutely change the game for your company. You might even win an award!

#2 Puppies - Last year there was a puppy cam which created so many "good feelings" across cyberspace it almost took down the servers. To quote the great Charlie Brown and Snoopy, "Happiness is a warm puppy". Hint: They might play frisbee with you in person . . . .

#3 - Product innovations - Gainsight continues to innovate in areas from human first emotions to Horizon AI and #plg. Inside the platform you'll now see Gong and Zoom calls to re-watch at 1.5x speed and comment on. Your Customer 360 will include meeting intelligence with Complete CSM to hyper-analyze calls into how your customers are trending with #CustomerIntent over time to predict the future.

#4 - Parties and surprise entertainment! - The best parties have the best venues from the Roaring 20s to the USS Hornet the Pulse parties are the best. Not to mention the afterparties from the sponsors! See you there and be sure to keep asking for the surprise locations!

#5 - Thought leadership from the top executives in the Industry! Every year, I leave Pulse energized, and thinking - Wow! that was a great idea and I can't wait to make that happen in my organization!
Even though I personally know and have spoken with most of these fine folks presenting this year, every session will absolutely be a privilege to attend.

Looking forward to it, CCO turned CEO Yamini Rangan , the man, then myth the legend Nick Mehta who put CS on the map, Kellie Capote and Easton Taylor who set an example of how exceptional CSM teams should run in practice! Appreciate PLG excellence from Karl RumelhartDenise Stokowski and Maksim Ovsyannikov driving Product at Gainsight in the spotlight! Incredible CS leaders I'll mention below!

#6 Super scaled giveaways and deals to beat the recession!
I'm not just talking about the blankets, warm cookies, USB drives, bottle openers flashlights and free espresso . . . .

Nine years ago, I signed a contract to be the 5th Gainsight customer with Dan Steinman at a tiny booth at Dreamforce to be the #1 fan when Gainsight was the same size as Complete CSM is now!

You better believe that there will be once a year deals here with every sponsor, including Gainsight themselves!

CompleteCSM is giving away 3 month free along with a frisbee! Stop by the booth S9 next to the puppies to get your frisbee and insights today!

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I love this!! So looking forward to Pulse as well! Amazing points made thanks for sharing 💥