Are you a PX Customer attending Pulse? Come Join us at PX Connections Breakfast!

  • 25 April 2023
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Hello out there all you beautiful PX-ers!  (or those that may be interested in PX!!)

Are you coming to Pulse this year?!


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If so - make sure to add to your calendars our PX Connections Meetup!  

What’s In It For Me (WIIFM)?

  1. Well for starters - you can meet with the incredible PX CS team!  Myself (Kat Kenny, Manager of the CS PX team at Gainsight), and the incredible team of CSMs Alisha Roberts @aroberts , @jnies Julia Nies, and @jmobley Jack Mobley will all be there!
  2. Meet other amazing PX Customers -  Share best practices, outcomes, strategic objectives, and key learnings with one another! 
  3. Breakfast and Proximity to Keynote! - We will have Breakfast available in this room (level 3, 3014) and it’s right next door to the Keynote so you can be sure to get a great seat and not have to rush your Breakfast :)



WHERE: LEVEL 3, 3014
WHEN: 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM PST




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11 replies

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Couldn’t be more excited for this! @susan_parker, we would love to have you join us!

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Is there a mobile app for the Pulse conference now?  I’m looking for an easy way to schedule the tracks and events like this breakfast that I need to attend.

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I will be at Pulse and plan to join this breakfast.

I’m hoping to meet and share experiences with people who are using PX for enterprise-level software, and with people who are using PX to provide user experience beyond onboarding.

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@susan_parker I just confirmed that this will be available to you on May 1st! 


@mmarques can’t wait to meet you in person! 

Greenphire will be there! We can’t wait to meet everyone at the breakfast!


Looking forward to it!

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ONLY 2 MORE DAYS!!!!!!! SO excited to see you all.


Some of you have been asking to know which events will be more tailored to Product teams - I highly recommend booking any sessions that are around both Product but also anything that mentions the idea of Digital CS.  Digital Success and Strategy are something ALL companies can benefit from in terms of Scale & Efficiency in the era of “Do More with Less”.  We’ll be talking a TON about this at Pulse this year (ever hear of a thing called, A.I? 🤖😉 )


I’ve added a quick little snapshot of how to “filter” the events based on topic.  Sadly our app’s functionality isn’t showing this same filtering but you can update from the website here





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@john_apple This will be a good time for PX discussions! 

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Thanks @kathleenkenny23 !  The website filter helps.  Looking forward to having conversations about PX specifically.

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Is the “product” tag for PX? Or also for other Gainsight products. I use PX exclusively. 

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New post to thank you all!!