"Come along and ride on a fantastic voyage" in building a customer behavior-driven digital onboarding process!

  • 18 April 2024
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We all know that successful onboarding sets the foundation for customer growth but, it can also be hella complex! I am super psyched to be presenting for the first time at this year's Pulse Conference to talk about this very topic with my partner in crime Jess Jasper.

  • Are you interested in automating communication to help your customers onboard successfully?
  • Do you have challenges with contact data?
  • Are you looking for ways to scale onboarding using customer driven metrics?
  • Do you like music from the 80's and 90's?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then, this is the session you don't want to miss at the 2024 Pulse Conference! Come hear from 2023 winners of the Game Changer Award in "The Challenger" category as we share how we continue to challenge the status quo at HMH.

We'll take you on a real-life journey bringing together the people, integrated systems, and cross-departmental processes to unlock transformative change with this tricky element of customer success.


Track Name: Top Methods For Scaling CS Smarter, Not Harder

Session Name: Customer Behavior-Driven Digital Onboarding 


See you in St. Louis!!😎

4 replies

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Whoop whoop 🔥

Also, moved this to our All About Pulse category for more eyes on it 😍

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Join this as it dives into the complexities of successful onboarding. Interested in automating communication, tackling contact data challenges, or scaling onboarding with customer-driven metrics? This session is for you! 😎

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Hi @RGrieco,
Absolutely amazing session. I just have one question as a followup .i.e, What variables goes into your onboarding risks to dictate their risk level? 

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@Aman Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed the session.  We really did not grade customers as having higher or lower risk levels.

We kept things fairly simple since this was our first iteration, as essentially customers were tagged as being “at risk” of not successfully onboarding (missed all of the benchmarks) or they were successful with onboarding (ie. met all 4 benchmarks in activity successfully). 

If our Digital Touch ACSM has additional bandwidth she can reach out to assist the customers that have “At Risk” in some of our benchmarks through data available in Gainsight reports.