Excited to take the stage at Pulse 2024 and talk all about Healthscoring!

  • 23 April 2024
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I’m stoked to be going to Pulse in May and sharing our journey here at Okta on health scoring. My session is Navigating Complexity: Okta’s path to a comprehensive and scalable health score.

I’ll be going through Okta’s transformative journey and deep diving through the evolution of our health score. I’ll be sharing how we set up our initial, more basic health score in Gainsight and then showing our transition to a multi-score model due to progressing business needs and digging into real world examples of our learnings from using those different scores to excel in our digital journey and to improve our CSM lead journey.

Last but not least, I'll be sharing how we arrived at our Holistic Health score, where we have become more automated and scalable using such features as Gainsight’s Relationship scores to calculate product specific scores!



5 replies

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@mallen SO informative! ⭐

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From basics to a comprehensive model, we'll explore real-world examples and insights. Wouldn’t miss it! 🚀

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Sounds Informative! Looking forward to it!! @mallen 

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Eagerly awaiting to delve into your superb content@mallen 

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@mallen  While the session was very helpful, What would you suggest as the structure of a CS Ops team to support scale programs?