🗣️ Exciting Session at Pulse 2024 Conference! 💥

  • 17 April 2024
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Galilea and I are thrilled to be presenting at Pulse!

Join us in our session, 'The Evolution of Success Plans at Alteryx - Human ➡️ Machine ➡️ Cyborg,' for an exciting journey through how we maximized our impacts and achieved success at scale.

Get ready to discover actionable insights and strategies that can help revolutionize your approach to success planning! 🚀

⏬Here's what you can expect.⏬

  • Discover how we transformed from manual, human-driven guidance to a 'cyborg' process that's digital-led yet deeply human-connected.
  • Dive into the challenges, opportunities, and key learnings we encountered along each phase of this transformative journey.
  • Unravel the concept of 'cyborg' Success Plans, where the fusion of human touch and automated analytics drives success at scale.
  • Learn about our innovative approach with Journey Orchestrator and targeted CSM deployments, backed by data-driven insights showcasing real effectiveness!

We can't wait to see you at Pulse for an electrifying session that will help transform your success journey! 🙂


⚡TL;DR: Join us to explore Alteryx's journey from human-centric to 'cyborg' Success Plans, blending human touch with automated analytics for success at scale!

8 replies

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Kicking off the speaker sessions teaser in style @ChristianW 🔥

Thanks for sharing this with us! 

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Also, moved this to our All About Pulse category for more Pulse eyes on it 👁


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This is sure to be an epic session, @ChristianW!

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Your session sounds absolutely amazing! The evolution from human-led to cyborg-driven success plans at Alteryx must be a fascinating journey. Looking forward for this electrifying session to hear about impacts and achieved success from you at Pulse! 🚀@ChristianW 

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This sounds very interesting. Waiting for this! 🔥 

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Interesting! Wouldn’t miss this for sure!!🔥


Hey @ChristianW,

The session was amazing, and I learned a lot!

I have a question: How did you account for and mitigate self-selection bias among customers who engaged when analyzing the results?

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Thank you for the excellent question! Here is how we approached tackling the challenge of self-selection bias in our analysis!

  • Targeted Engagement: Instead of relying on open participation, we had a defined list of inactive-product customers and directly connected with them for personalized meetings. This ensured we reached the specific group we wanted to understand, not just those who chose to participate.

  • Data-Driven Approach: We used Gainsight to meticulously track successful interactions (Call to Action - Closed Success) with specific customers on specific dates. This allowed us to precisely correlate successful meetings with corresponding data points, creating a robust foundation for our conclusions.

  • Verified Results: We further strengthened the analysis by cross-referencing the findings with product telemetry data. This confirmed the exact days when customer behavior changed, adding a strong layer of factual evidence to our activities.

  • Clear Impact: For customers who didn't engage (Call to Action - Unsuccessful), we continued to monitor product activation rates. This data showed a consistent trend: customers who engage with our CSMs experience significant (double-digit) improvements in activation, regardless of their initial spending level vs customers who did not engage with our CSMs.

By combining targeted outreach, meticulous tracking, and data verification (with Data Science), we minimized the potential for self-selection bias and established a strong link between CSM interactions and improved product activations.