Gainsight Pulse 2024: Seamless Starts: Revolutionizing Digital Onboarding to Boost Customer Value and Slash Service Costs

  • 26 April 2024
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🙌 Let’s hear it for Gainsight Pulse 2024!!! 


Abby Van de Bogert and Elyse Claxton are amped to bring you "Seamless Starts: Revolutionizing Digital Onboarding to Boost Customer Value and Slash Service Costs."


In our rad session, you'll discover how we totally revamped Boomi's digital onboarding (0 to 90 days after close/won) to not only pump up value for users like Alex but also to trim costs and maximize resources during the tech crunch. We’re laying down all the gnarly steps so you can totally rock it for your customers too. Plus, we’ll spill the beans on all the slip-ups we dodged along the way, giving you the 411 to avoid these bloopers yourself.



Catch you there, it’s gonna be all that and a bag of chips! 😉

7 replies

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Whoop! Love this especially the ‘bag of chips’  @etc11b 😃

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Session sound very exciting!! I believe it is packed with both actionable advice and real-world experiences! Looking forward  to here it from you @etc11b 

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Excitedly looking forward to your upcoming session!@etc11b 

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Digital onboarding plays an important role which will boost the customer value but also decreases the total onboarding time, would love to see the what’s more coming up in the session. Excited to look out for the session! @etc11b

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@etc11b So excited about this session and can’t wait to hear it live at Pulse! 🎉

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@etc11b As the presentation went well on revolutionising digital onboarding, How frequently do you suggest holding mass live sessions or webinars for new customers? Monthly, quarterly?

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@Sravanthi Eleti Thank you so much! Through trial and error, we determined the optimal cadence for our group live sessions. Given our customer size, we've found that one live group session per month works best for now. Additionally, we offer pre-recorded sessions that can be accessed anytime. We continually review the numbers and make adjustments as needed. Hope that helps!