"Heads Up!" -- Gainsight Admin Edition 🎪

  • 11 August 2022
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Ready to test your level of Gainsight technical geekery? Grab a friend (or it’s best with a group!) and your iPhone, and show off all that hard-earned knowledge!

(You will also prove your technical skill by installing this app, because this process is crazy.)

  1. Download the free “Phrase Party Lite” app. (The original “Heads Up” app from Ellen Degeneres costs real money to download. 🙅)
  2. Download the Gainsight Admin Edition file
  3. Click the blue arrow icon, then ‘Downloads’

  4. Select the Phrase Party file


  5. Click the “Share” icon in the top right


  6. Select Phrase Party


  7. You did it! 🎉 🏆 Game on!
  8. The app may ask for camera/mic access. You can deny both.
  9. Choose a Game Mode in the top right. We recommend Party Heads!
    (Party Heads how-to video)

  10. Scroll the horizontal Category bar to find Custom at the end

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