How do I attend virtually? I'm already registered and holding a ticket.

  • 17 August 2022
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Hey there, I’m not finding a link or a way to actually attend virtually. Are there recording of the Keynote I can look at?

All the link just ask to keep registering for the event/


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8 replies

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Hi @jjj here is a link! If you search your email for emails from, you should find your login info. 


 Thank you, I’ll try that link. 


I only have the registration confirmation email that does not have that link. Just a pdf ticket with number on it.

I tried to log in and it says I’m not authorized. I tried logging in with this account.


It’s saying my email was not used to register for the event. I’m using the same company email. Can someone help reset the ticket or issue a new one for my email?

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@Carapeterson @lauren_olerich can either of you help with this please?

Hi Team, just got a bunch of emails. Thinking that they were delayed. I’m logged in now. Thank you!

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That’s great @jjj .⚡️
Have a great time being part of Pulse & do consider sharing your Aha moments with us too! 🙌🏼

We can all learn from each other :)