Learn how Gainsight Recently Modified our Health Score to Meet Demands of Current Economy

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Join @easton_taylor, VP of CS, and me, Director, CS Ops, at Gainsight on Thursday at 10am in Room 2022. 


The SaaS and technology communities have gone through a rollercoaster of change over the past year. The current economic climate has caused numerous organizations to adjust their approach to risk to minimize surprises. Our team at Gainsight is no different. We’ll discuss Gainsight's refinement of health measurements to help improve visibility for their teams during these uncertain times. 


Here’s a sneak peek of what you’re in for :-)


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@easton_taylor and @kendra_mcclanahan This is SUPERR helpful! 😃

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Personally, a huge fan of that poster 😄

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Gone though the Pulselibrary, Very Insightful session on understanding the Business Impact on the Scorecard redefinition!😍🔥
@easton_taylor @kendra_mcclanahan 
I am really curious to know what are the key benefits of using DEAR framework and what are the Best Practices to add an individual measure to make up the scorecard?