Pulse Europe 2022 - How to unite your company around Customer Centricity

  • 12 October 2022
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I’m excited to be back at Pulse Europe this year and looking forward to sharing actionable insights on How to unite your company around Customer Centricity.

Do you struggle with making Customer Centricity a company wide priority? Does your leadership team still believe that the Customer Success team is the solution to all customer related problems?
Then this session is for you!

I'll share with you how we united the company around Customer Centricity, the framework and roadmap we created, and what we have already achieved after 1 year of customer centric mindset. I’m hoping to leave you with a toolkit you’ll be able to implement right away.

But I’d also love to learn from you and hear about your struggles or ideas on this topic. So what are your challenges when it comes to uniting around Customer Centricity?


4 replies

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This speaks to my Community Manager Soul… Hope to not be presenting at the same time to catch this live!

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Love this and so excited.

Thank you for sharing! @emilie.dubau 🙌🏼

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“How to convince your management team to rally the whole company around making customers successful.” Love this! So essential to durable growth. @emilie.dubau Curious if you’ve had to adjust or enhance any part of the framework since implementing the concept. And who becomes the ‘keeper’ of this type of culture long term? 

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@SeanDonnelly we did have to adjust as always with longer term projects but in the end we came quite close to what we had planned at the beginning of the year. The biggest topics were implemented or started. I am the “keeper” of this culture with the support of the Management Team of course. Looking forward to sharing more tomorrow :)