Pulse San Francisco V. Pulse Amsterdam

  • 16 November 2023
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It’s budgeting season! I’m looking ahead to next year and wondering if anyone could compare Pulse San Francisco to Pulse Amsterdam for me?  Is it a Disneyworld versus Disneyland thing or a Disneyland versus Canada’s Wonderland thing?

5 replies

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Can’t comment beyond that next year’s destination being the RAI, the RAI being where they host the METS Trade (B2B boat show), scale is probably going up. But I can’t say more than this Pulse Europe was great and truly enjoyed it. It was already way larger scale than I had anticipated. 

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And….congrats on ending up on stage for a Gamechanger award, @alizee !


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Thank you @matthew_lind , it means a lot coming from one of the most knowledgeable CSOps leaders out there 🙂.

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Hi @Todd Dowell ! 

A quick clarification that Pulse 2024 will be in St. Louis, MO this year (not San Francisco). We are ecstatic about the move to St. Louis as we’ll be able to truly take over the city and we already have a lot of fun surprises in store.

No matter which conference you decide to attend, there will be plenty of networking opportunities and amazing content. The main differences I’d consider weighing are: 

1. Geographic Location & Travel Convenience:

  • You may prefer one location over the other based solely on where it’s more convenient to travel to the conference location that is more convenient for them to travel to. I saw that you’re based near Toronto so I’d check flight paths and price estimates.

2. Timing and Schedule:

  • Depending on your schedule, one of the events might be more suitable than the other because of timing. The Pulse US conference is May 15-16, 2024 and the Pulse Europe conference is November 13-14, 2024. 

3. Networking Opportunities:

  • The number of attendees can impact networking opportunities. Some might prefer larger conferences with more attendees, like the one in St. Louis, for a broader networking scope. Others might prefer the more intimate setting of the European conference, where it might be easier to connect with a smaller group of people. We estimate attendee numbers to be in the 3000-4000 range for Pulse US and 1300-1600 range for Pulse Europe.

4. Cultural and Industry Focus:

  • By nature of being in Europe, the Pulse Europe event has a unique focus on internationalization and localization. With attendees hailing from over 40 countries, there are more discussions on how to deliver customer success to a diverse customer base. Speakers, grappling with challenges inherent in European work environments, share insights into navigating diverse teams, language disparities, and cultural nuances. The conference uniquely addresses issues faced by professionals dealing with a global customer base, working for companies with US headquarters, managing the intricacies of cross-cultural collaboration, and so on. If you’re interested in the complexities of a globalized business landscape, Pulse Europe might be the one for you.

5. Session Content and Tracks:

  • The tracks tend to align at both events, however, we have approximately 3-4 more tracks at the Pulse US event than the Pulse Europe event. That means there’s roughly 20 more sessions to choose from at Pulse US. Unfortunately, we will not have both agendas live at the same time to see, at a granular level, the differences across the agenda. Note that we spend a lot of time and effort ensuring that each conference covers the hottest topics so that you’ll have your bases covered no matter which event you choose to attend.

6. Exhibitors:

  • We anticipate having approximately 3 times more partners present at the Pulse US conference. If you’re interested in connecting with technology or implementation partners or discovering exciting tech companies or services companies that complement what you are doing in the Customer Success, Product, Customer Education, or Customer Community space, a higher number in St. Louis might mean more opportunities for exposure to new technologies and products.

I hope that helps! And enjoy whichever Pulse conference you find yourself at in 2024!


Hi Lauren, 


Thanks for the thorough reply.  Whichever I decide I’ll be fully informed now!