Pulse Workshop: Curiosity Charms the Customer - and Drives Valuable AI Outputs

  • 13 May 2024
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I’m excited to deliver my workshop Wednesday morning (Track 9) to share how Radically Authentic Discovery turns your customer conversations into goldmines for identifying hidden opportunities - or risks - using AI.

Here’s the scoop:

The typical CS "check the box" meeting, including many QBRs, doesn't give customers the space to engage on what's most important to them. So we're missing the golden opportunity to uncover critical insights on their top priorities, challenges, and outcomes.


Unfortunately that also means we're not giving our AI tools the richest possible data set to produce game-changing insights across the customer base, like more accurate churn risk and drivers and customer health scores - and product innovations, product-market fit, and competitive landscape, 


In this immersive workshop, I’ll share an actual customer conversation so you can:

  • Witness how much the customer opens up about their strategic priorities and the competitive landscape.
  • Test your listening skills as you hear each clip.
  • Document and share your analysis of potential risks and opportunities with other attendees.
  • See an AI-generated analysis of the conversation - and compare it to your notes.


Key Takeaways:

  • Understand why deeper customer conversations drive richer AI insights.
  • Get five "disruptive" questions that get customers to open up like never before.
  • Learn techniques to help you "listen between the lines" to understand what's most important to the customer.

Hope you’ll join us!

9 replies

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Thanks for sharing this with us @boblondon 🤩

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Forgot to add one thing!


During this session several attendees will win free access to my online course on The Radically Authentic Discovery Method(TM). Learn more at boblondon.co/course.

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Great insights! Excited for this one 🙌 🥳 @boblondon 


Looking forward to the session!

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The session seems to be interesting and informative. Very much awaiting to here it from you @boblondon 

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Thank you, @Sravanthi Eleti . Looking forward to meeting you.

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My pleasure @revathimenon 

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Thank you @Jagari Das - let’s make sure to connect.

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Thanks @SharonSalve. Looking forward to seeing you.