Community Bytes w/ Armin Pop: Establishing community guidelines & policies

  • 24 January 2024
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Community Bytes w/ Armin Pop: Establishing community guidelines & policies
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Hello all 😃,

Kicking off the series for this year with @arminfpop , we're diving into a crucial aspect of community building - establishing guidelines.

Ensuring a safe and inclusive environment is at the heart of every thriving community.

Let’s quickly touch upon how guidelines play a vital role:


  1. Setting Ground Rules: Provides a framework for everyone.
  2. Mutual Understanding: Defines expected behavior and engagement norms.
  3. Common Goal: Unites the community toward shared objectives.



Some specific rules to kickstart curating your guidelines:

  1. Be Respectful: Treat every interaction as a chance to learn, fostering a culture of respect.
  2. Express Gratitude: Thank those who engage or answer queries, setting a positive tone.The best way to foster this is to showcase this yourselves as a company in your community.
  3. Safe Space Creation: Be open to all questions from the members. Probably even create categories for diverse questions, building a comfortable environment.
  4. Consistency is Key: Stick to the rules consistently and don’t make exceptions for rule breaks. This can help you avoid a two-tiered system.


✍🏼What is a golden rule in your community guideline that you can’t do without?

✍🏼Are there additional red flags to steer clear of in ensuring a safe and inclusive community?


I feel like this will be a great resource starting point for all of us who are in the process of setting up guidelines for a fresh community.

Would love to hear more from our friends here!

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