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  • 18 September 2023
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Trying to do a CSAT Survey and want to know if i can use an email and attach the questions?  i don’t like the choice that are under questions.  I tried to follow a PDF but doesn’t really work for me

3 replies

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@Ginanash99 You can attach a document to the email template with questions but that does not allow for the responses to be logged in Gainsight. 

If you do not want to embed a question in the email, you can always build a button into the email template and link the button to the survey.  Here is a screenshot from one of our CSAT survey emails. 


Thank you for your response.

By chance do you have instructions on how to do that, I am thinking that will work great for my situation.

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In the email template builder (classic or new experience), click the survey button from the top action bar.  You will see three options to add the survey link: Link (URL), Button, and Question.  Click ‘Button’ and the survey button editor will open.   This is where you can format the button, define the button text, and select the applicable survey to link. 

Below are links to the documentation with steps for both classic and the new editor:


New Editor:


I hope this helps.