Gainsight Product Roadmap Webinar - FY25

  • 1 March 2024
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🚨I'm really looking forward to our upcoming webinar, hosted by Denise Stokowski, SVP of Product Management, where we'll have the chance to discuss the exciting future of our products. It's always a pleasure to engage with both our customers and internal colleagues because it reaffirms that we're moving in the right direction with our ideas and constantly striving to make improvements. 
Even though our plans may shift from time to time to address changing needs or strategic goals, please know that keeping our customers  informed is always a top priority for us.

Just a quick reminder: here is the link to register for the webinar. 

During the session, we'll be sharing our roadmap and delving into how our strategic initiatives and enhancements can directly benefit your team and contribute to stronger business outcomes. It's an excellent opportunity for you to interact with our product leaders and ask questions in real-time. Additionally, we'll be sharing further resources and ways for you to stay engaged and informed after the webinar concludes.
As we move forward, I'm curious to learn more about your team's focus for the upcoming year in terms of strengthening connections with your customers and communities. It's always valuable to exchange insights and ideas.

So I'm looking forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can continue to support your goals. 
We’ll return to this community discussion after the webinar to hear additional feedback and continue the conversation. 🤝🏻

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