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  • 23 June 2020
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Hello Gamechangers!

For new visitors to the community, you might be wondering where should I get started? This article is for you! We want to help you connect with your peers and quickly find the resources that are most relevant for you. Join other Gainsight customers, like Splunk, Box, IBM, Visier, and Citrix, in community conversations!


Community Registration

In order to post, comment, like or vote on feature requests in the community, you need to quickly register! We recommend registering with your work email address if possible. 

From the home page, click the Login button in the upper right and select Create account.




Finding Your Peers and Content 


We want to help you connect with your peers and quickly find the resources that are most relevant for you. This community serves several different audiences, so read on for tips based on your particular role or interests. 


Product Managers / Designers / PX customers

If you’re using Gainsight PX, and you work in product design and management, you’ll want to check out and Subscribe to PX Discussions. This is where we share thought leadership content for product management professionals, as well as you’ll find product Q&A for the Gainsight PX application. 

You also might be interested in subscribing to PX Ideas to share your product feedback, and to upvote the PX feature requests that are most important to you. 


Gainsight CS Admins / CS Ops

For folks working as Gainsight CS Admins and in CS Ops roles, we strongly recommend that you subscribe to Product News & Updates. Gainsight uses this category to share important product release information, including resources to help you stay up to date with the product.

Currently, there are many discussion categories related to the various feature areas in the CS application (eg. Surveys, JO Email, Reporting). In these forums, you’ll find peers and Gainsight employees discussing specific use cases and how-to information related to the CS application.

To post your CS product feedback, or to up vote other’s feature requests, visit the CS Ideas category. 


New CS Admins & Helpful Resources

If you’re a relatively new Admin, or if you want to learn about a newer application (eg. Data Designer), we recommend taking the Admin training courses on These courses will provide you with foundational knowledge critical to implementing and providing ongoing support for your organization’s instance of Gainsight CS. 

In the community, we recommend checking out content with the Admin tutorials tag for helpful videos and how-to articles on common processes and use cases that you may want to set up in your org. And of course, our official product documentation offers detailed instructions on how to use every Gainsight feature. 

Our amazing Solutions Architect team also runs weekly Admin Office Hours where you can ask your product questions and get personalized technical support. 


CS Leaders & Program Managers

If you oversee a customer success team(s), we recommend that you subscribe to Customer Success Inspiration. Here you’ll find peer conversations on topics like customer segmentation, the ideal CSM to customer ratio, how to measure customer health, how to transition accounts from sales to post-sales teams, and more. We encourage you to start your own conversation, and share what’s worked well for your organization!

You may also want to introduce yourself in the Networking category. If you’re looking to hire and want to share CS opportunities in your organization, this is the place to do it!


How to Engage on Community

Here are more suggestions for how to participate in the community.


Your vote matters 

Gainsight product managers frequently review your product feedback on the community, and they pay particular attention to ideas with the most votes. For example, in 2019, we implemented nearly 100 ideas in the CS product sourced from this community!

So, don't be shy about sharing your product feedback, as well as using the vote button on Idea posts.




Help others

If you think you know the answer to another user’s question, or have a related experience or use case, don't be afraid to share it! Your real-world examples help both our product team to understand your business challenges, and peers to solve their questions. 

On the Community home page, scroll down and click the Help Others tab to see recent questions and conversations in need of a response. 



Tell us about it

Did you successfully set up a new workflow or configure a new asset that's working well for you? Tell us about it! Use the community to share what's working well, and include a few details about how you set it up. Your tips and solutions will help inspire others! (sample tip post)





5 replies

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Yep, I’ve shared the feature enhancement suggestion with our community vendor.

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Welcome @mmarques , great to see you on a new Community after 7y! 😊

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Welcome @mmarques , great to see you on a new Community after 7y! 😊

Thanks for the welcome, @anirbandutta 

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Creating an account is now easier on the Gamechangers community; 6 fields (from 11), we were asking. Thanks for the pointer @seth .

Users can always go back and fill out their profiles.

cc @lila_meyer , @chuck_girard , @Haiko 

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This guide still remains highly relevant, and as you’d expect the paths have only become more diverse as more exciting programs have been launched in the past couple of years.

Find an updated walkthrough here