API "lastpost": does it count only replies or topics + replies?

  • 10 November 2022
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The definition of lastpost : does this only consider replies (replies to threads) or any kind of post (topics & replies

We found the description a bit confusing.

<Source Link: User API>

Thank you in advance!

Daniele from Personio



Best answer by olimarrio 16 November 2022, 10:07

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7 replies

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“count”, obvious typo in the title :)



Just a heads up, I’m in the UK, so I tend to rely more on the EU API Docs. I’ve never been able to play with the API, but logic would suggest any kind of post should update the counter.

Try it out and see what you get :)

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 Hi @Blastoise186 thank you for weighing in :)

I also thought that it would count any kind of post, but the description was not entirely clear.


I am also not able to test it out. 

 @olimarrio or @leo-inspired do you know the answer?


Cheers :)

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Hi @Daniele Cmty 👋,


The definition for last post is the date for any kind of post, so this includes both the creation of topics as well as replies 😁

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Thank you good sir!

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As you can see, the documentation says otherwise (which is why I asked this question here.)

Is the documentation outdated?


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Ah thanks for letting me know @Daniele Cmty.

I’ll put in a request for our engineering team to update this documentation 👍