Create a Zap to find/add SFDC contacts when new members join

We’re setting up the SFDC<>inSided integration; however, if the new member doesn’t exist as a Contact in SFDC already, then no data flows through. Therefor, I’m trying to set up a Zap (via Zapier) to:

  1. Check if a Contact exists in SFDC when a new user joins the community
  2. If Yes, do nothing (engagement data will flow fine via the integration
  3. If No, check to see if an Account exists...this is where it gets a little tricky, not sure yet what fields to map from inSided>>SFDC to check for this, would love any examples or suggestions
    1. If Account exists, create a Contact under that Account
    2. If Account doesn’t exist, create an Account
      1. After Account is created, create a Contact under that Account

I’m relatively comfortable in Zapier, but this is a more complex Zap w/paths so wondering if anyone else has done this and can share their Zap and/or tips. Thanks! cc @daniel.boon 


Best answer by Chris Anderson 9 July 2021, 17:02

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I still have to do some final testing, but I think I have what I need 🙂 If it’s helpful for anyone else, here’s my Zap.

NOTE: The only issue to be aware of is that the Zap checks if there's a SFDC Account that matches what the user enters in their inSided profile in the "Company" field. If there isn't a match, the Zap creates a new Account in SFDC. I haven't fully tested this yet, but my assumption is that this will result in some duplicate Accounts (e.g., account is named "XYZ Company" in SFDC but user enters "XYZ" or "XYZ Co." which doesn't give an exact match, and creates a new account).



Hey, Chris. It’s great to see that you’ve provided an answer to your own question! We receive this question a lot, so I’m glad we have more customer driven content on how to set up the Zap. 

Was not my intent to ask and answer my own question, but again hopefully it’s helpful for others who may run into this. Thanks @Jeanie Lee!


Sometimes it takes thinking it through by asking the question to actually come to the answer. Happens to me all the time. 🙂 I’m excited about this - going to look into it tomorrow b/c it’s something our team was trying to figure out as well. It’s actually perfect timing for us as well, fingers crossed it’s everything we need! Thanks @Chris Anderson !

Hey @Chris Anderson , your instructions seemed quite useful. We are in the process of creating a similar Zap, any best practices or things to consider you could share based on your experience?

Hi @Ilona - I haven’t monitored this much since we launched honestly, but it’s on my list to revisit our SFDC set up with inSided in the next month, to see where we should make some improvements. Best of luck!