Engagement Dashboard: all customers vs community members only

Is it possible today to have the entire engagement dashboard only calculated % of monthly active customers and customer activity per month amongst community members only?

I appreciate the ability to look at our entire customer base, but would prefer the ability to really measure activity amongst those within the community as there isn’t a way to do that today. 

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Hi @Melissa Meyer 

I’m sorry for the late reply. I’m not sure I fully understand your question. ‘Customer’ = company (any community user linked to the company) so an active customer is a company whose user viewed at least one page in the community. ‘Inactive customer’ refers to any company where either community members linked to the company did not view a page in the community, or, where there are simply no community members linked to the company at all. 

So is your question about the ability to splitting inactive users into 1) those who have community users but did not view even one page in the selected period of time and 2) those who do not have any community members linked to the company? 

@Melissa Meyer My guess is that your “customers” get a custom role while your registered users do not. As such, there’s no way on the engagement dashboard to just look at the engagement for registered users or a particular custom role. That said, you should be able to get the MAU % from the User dashboard and if measuring engagement as posts (new topics or replies) or calculate one including factors like login using the exports. 

Thanks @Aleksandra and @Scott Baldwin.  

I would like the ability to filter inactive users to only include those who have community users but did not view even one page in the selected period of time. That will just provide a more actionable/useful MAU % since it would only be inclusive of community members. 

Yeah we have custom roles to help us decipher between customers, non-customers and employees so using the User dashboard and User overview are my go-to sections for now so glad to hear that’s how others are doing it too.