Has anyone migrated to Gainsight Community product?

Khoros (formerly lithium) was a gold standard.

Recently - I’m struggling with the product and support.

Anyone else care to share their thoughts on a migration from Khoros Communities to Gainsights <community product name> (is it Customer Communities?) in say... the past 6-12-18 months?


What was your goal?

What did you like?

What did you miss?

Other thoughts?

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Hello, @G-lief - 


@Milla and I have migrated from Khoros to Gainsight CC within that rough timeframe. Hit either of us up via private message, if you’d like.



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I’ve used Khoros before and loved the user interface. However the data access was shocking in my opinion. It may have got better over the last couple of years though. I last used it about 3 years ago.

At the time we moved to Salesforce Community, largely to bring everything together, link closer to support (which was using Salesforce) and to generally improve data access. Lithium/Khoros is one big data silo. 

However, you were after a comparison with Gainsight. So…..


What was your goal?
I have changed roles and am now using Gainsight. There was no choice to change here.

What did you like?
In Khoros I liked the UI. Possibly one of the best user experiences I have seen “out of the box”.
Gainsight’s UI is comparable, but requires more coding to make significant changes. It is just Javascript and HTML (so not too hard), but keep that in mind. Having said that, Gainsight allows no coders to come up with a pretty nice looking “standard” setup which is easy to modify within the constraints of the functionality they provide for this.
I LOVE the data access and the APIs. Not perfect yet, but it is getting significantly better. There is also database access going through a beta phase. This completely removes the need to use Google Analytics if you know your way around a DB. 

What did you miss?
I miss little things. Arguably because I got used to working in a Lithium/Khoros way. An example? You cannot easily search for users as a user in Gainsight. You will need to find a post that the user has written or book mark the user’s profile. You can’t just do a search and return users. Although, with the DB access, this wouldn’t take much to manually build in.

Other thoughts?

With regard to a migration, you will need a good ETL product/team. Getting the data out of Khoros (all in XML from memory...if it is still the same) will take a fair amount of work. I believe the data is also stored in HTML format. You will need to do a fair amount of work with checking the HTML elements that you can use. This might not be a problem, but for Khoros to Salesforce it was a nightmare. I had to dynamically alter HTML within posts during the migration. Essentially, I guess I am saying that the migration may be quite substantial, so I would recommend having a play around with some Gainsight Community sites to see what you think. 

Appreciate the well rounded answers @rhall 
Without trying to bandwagon but I too have been through a migration into a Salesforce community (not from Khoros) and ETL was also a nightmare.

Much appreciated.