How do you use Generative AI as a community manager?

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The title says it all :) Very curious to learn how you currently use AI and which benefits it brings, both to you, your team and to your users.

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I’m lucky in that our organization provides us with several models to work with!

Here are some ways that I’ve been using it as a Community Manager:

  1. Re-wording responses for clarity and tone (especially when engaging with our more passionate members).
  2. Creating discussion questions for our articles by having several different models provide 20-30 different questions based on the copy submitted. Sometimes we’ll include a riddle/joke pulled from an AI model and ask users to ask their own models to try and find the answer.
  3. Creating fun images to include in responses or articles instead of just GIFs and standard images.
  4. Creating lists and finding information that helps eliminate the need for using a search engine which typically ends with ad-filled sites (I.E. I had one of the models list all “themed” days we “celebrate” in the US, along with potential questions, polls, discussions, activities that we will be using for the lounge area.

I’m always looking for new uses for AI so I’m excited to hear what others are doing!!

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I used it a lot when creating our Community. Things like……

  1. Checking and helping to pick lists of relevant tags for our Community. I built a list and then got it to take a look at our website and our docs pages. I asked it to bring back tags that I may have missed by using those I had prepared to get an idea of the theme of the tags and giving me suggestions for tags I may have missed.
  2. Helping with building code for the site. You do need to know what you are doing to be able to make use of this, but it saves A LOT of time when you know what you want. You can get the base solution pretty much coded, leaving you with just the refinement. That saved me a lot of time.
  3. Like @Johnk I have used it for a few images. The only problem here is that when you need your branding in there, you do have to edit what is produced. But it still saves A LOT of time and potentially saves you from having to buy images or beg your marketing team to do you a favour. If you do need to add your branding, you do have to ask them to check it over anyway :-)
  4. I use it for “outside of the box” stuff as well. Quirky stuff. This was put together by ChatGPT4 when I launched our “Off Topic Lounge” during our soft launch….pay attention to everything….

    ChatGPT-4 is being used to kick off a fun activity in our 'Off Topic Lounge' board. Our goal here was to create a playful image that merges AIOps with our panda mascot. Making this initiative fun and engaging for the community is key. Merging technology and humour, we're aiming to lighten the atmosphere and encourage interaction. Utilising ChatGPT-4, we've crafted an image that cleverly blends the technical aspects of AIOps with a whimsical touch. Notably, this project showcases how AI can be used for creative and enjoyable purposes. In this way, we're fostering a sense of community and bringing a bit of joy to our daily interactions. Together, we're exploring the lighter side of technology, enhancing our community spirit. Yearning to see how our community members respond, I'm excited about the potential of this activity.

    Lively, fun contributions from everyone are anticipated and welcomed. Inviting all members to participate, we hope this will spark creativity and lively discussions. Vibrant and engaging, this activity is just the beginning of what we can achieve as a community. Engaging in such creative endeavours, we're not only learning about technology but also about each other.

    Soon, we'll hopefully see a variety of imaginative and humorous interpretations, enriching our community experience. Overall, this initiative is a step towards making our community more lively and interconnected. Open to anyone and everyone on here. Now, we’re keen to see what you want to talk about “Off-Topic” 😉

    …..another bit of fun, check out the first letter of every sentence. I didn’t write that. I’m British, but I wouldn’t describe myself or anything else as “whimsical”. Another fun little trick you can get ChatGPT to do for you 😉

    I am experimenting with all sorts of bits and pieces with it. Some things work really well, others not so. I see it as another tool. You have to master it before you can really get the best out of it. 

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I posted a reply to this earlier today and was informed it had been held back for moderation. There was nothing in there out of the ordinary apart from “*” characters to separate the main text from some example text. Can it be authorised please @Gainsight CC Team?

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I primarily use generative AI as an ideation tool. It’s no secret that engagement begets more engagement in the community space, so, as a community manager, a large part of my job is keeping those wheels turning and ensuring no day is a slow day. This takes a lot of planning and preparation, but it also takes a lot of creativity, and that creativity can be difficult to sustain for a long period of time. Generative AI functions well as a quick & dirty sounding board and makes spitballing engagement opportunities much easier!

I also occasionally use it to draft messages I don’t have templates for or have never had to send before. I’m never all that happy with the language generative AI uses because it tends to be pretty general and vague, but it almost always produces a passable “first draft” that I can work with. Removing that first draft step gets me to a finalized message I can be happy with more quickly, so it has its uses!

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Thanks for your insights @Johnk @maxwell.malone @rhall!

@maxwell.malone When you mention spitballing engagement opportunities, what does this typically look like? Can you share some examples of engagement opportunities? 

Also, @rhall and I discussed the impact of Gen AI on peer support communities. I’m curious to learn how you see the role of community and the community manager changing. What do you think communities will look like in a year’s time? What’ll be different, and what’ll be the same?

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@Sebastian I typically start with a simple prompt, such as: “I want to create engagement opportunities for an online B2B SaaS community that focus on connecting customers with one another. What are some common examples?” Once AI returns a list, I’ll select which ones seem interesting or aligned with our core business goals for the quarter/year and ask for further details (things like scheduling suggestions, common topics to start discussion, etc.) After that point, I will pull generated content into a doc and start reworking it and projectizing the idea based on our existing templates.

Other times, I’ll ask AI for a long lists of basic prompts like “Give me 100 fun questions to ask members of an online community about themselves” and pick through it so I can build out potential scheduled posts for down the road.

In short, I use AI to do the early thought process legwork and then step in as curator and editor once I feel like I’ve hit a firmer starting point with what I’m shooting to accomplish!

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Hi - 

Some use cases for us besides the the general content creation.

I use GenAI for general .CSS or HTML questions to help code up our community. We also use it for general javascript (Third party code).


I am happy to talk through it more if you’d like!