Organizing HC articles for dual product experiences

  • 1 February 2024
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Our product is gradually rolling out a new and improved UX. This means that for a time, our help center will need to house articles and guides for users who will be experiencing 1 of 2 admin interfaces. We’ve experimented with having separate articles as well as housing guides for both experiences on the same page. We honestly don’t feel great with either option. Any tips or insights from those with similar experiences?

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  Hi @jwren 

This is a conundrum I think many of use have encountered.

From experience, we need to think about the effort required in maintenance of said articles.


The options I can think of are:

  • Having both versions in the same article

Requires modifying all articles in the future when OLD UX goes out of production. LEAST LIKED OPTION. From a knowledge management strategy this is not a good idea.

  • 1 Article ONLY

Ideally you would just keep one article, but this will depend on how similar the two UXs are. If they are similar, then from a knowledge centered service point of view, you up date the content when users start to point out discrepancies. RE-use is review as they say. So people reading the content will tell you what needs updating.

  • 1 Article for each UX

Creating articles for 'versions' is often a good way to go, but will require some effort on managing the separation. Here we have two options; Tagging or Categorisation. You could use a category to collect PREVIOUS VERSIONS, so all 'old' articles are held there.


My suggestion would be; create the new article and have it in the category where it should be. The 'old' article file away in a separate category at the end of your navigation. That way any links to the original article will still work but the new article is front and center.


Hope that helps.