Registration Approvals & SSO - Possible to Moderate Registrations for some but not all?

  • 14 March 2022
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We use our own SSO for logging-in and signing up for the community. We’re also exploring ways to open up our community. 

Is it possible to exclude some new registrations from requiring moderator approval? Or to trigger moderator approval for certain types of registrations? 

For our use case, here’s the ideal state: 

  • User logs in with SSO & does not have an account → account registration page → auto-approved, no registration moderation
  • User does not use SSO, clicks to create an account → account registration page → registration moderation required

I could imagine similar use cases for whitelisting / blacklisting user registration for other communities. 


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3 replies

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@Gainsight CC Team 

Hi @DannyPancratz 

This is actually the default way that registration approval works.

If you have registration approval turned on the SSO will bypass this because the approval is handled via SSO. Users who will use the default inSided authentication will need approval if the setting is turned on.

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This doesn’t seem to be the case. We have SSO enabled and turned on the moderator approval setting. However, signing up with SSO still requires manual approval.