There's an API operation for Checking User Points within a certain time frame ... so I built an app for our Users to do that on their own

  • 15 November 2022
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Today I learned… (well, yesterday)

The Get Assigned Points API operation (US version) (EU version) has the option to set date parameters from From and To. 

This addresses the #1 desired feature from our users, who are looking to check month-to-date points and/or previous month points. (Our gamification system relies on consecutive months of points earned; it was based on our previous platform). 

Using that API operation, I was able to build a custom app that allows our users to look up their points between any two dates on demand. I work for a no code platform that makes it relatively easy to do that, but the same type of app could be built with other simple solutions, including Zapier. 

Here’s the general App architecture: 

  1. Request Form
    1. Email (easier to ask them for than their User Id)
    2. Date From
    3. Date To
  2. Behind the scenes API calls
    1. Find user by field/value (email)
      1. Gets User ID needed for next call
    2. Get Assigned Points
  3. Presentation of points
    1. Our platform allows me to do that on the next screen, but…
    2. Other options, like email, could also work for simpler solutions

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Knocking it out of the park as always @DannyPancratz !